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Will Writing Scotland

Welcome to Will Writing Scotland, this site is dedicated to Will Writing information in Scotland.

To many people their estate is the result of years of hard work, offering peace of mind and the security of themselves and their family. When these people reach the end of their own lifetimes it can be of great comfort to know that this security will be passed on to loved ones and that the lives of children, family and friends will be that little bit easier as a result. However, too often this is not the case. When a person dies without writing a will, they die intestate and their estate is divided according to rules far to general for the complexities of a life. With correct estate planning of which a Will is a powerful tool, an estate can be assured to pass to loved ones without paying unnecessary taxes, without challenge from undeserving individuals and with reduced risk of damage resulting from the ever growing problem of care home fees.

The advantages of writing a Will are clear and the disadvantages of not having one can be frightening yet over half the people in Scotland die without a leaving a Will. A common misconception is that a valid Will requires the use of an expensive law firm as distributing an estate can be a complex process. This is not the case, there are professional Will Writers working in your area who understand the law surrounding Wills and the tax implications of your estate and offer up this expertise at highly competitive rates.

Filling in the form on your left will simply lets us know that you are interested in this service and would to like know more. You would then receive an information pack by post from a Will Writer in your area including the Will Writers contact details should you wish to contact them for advice. Once satisfied of the Will Writer’s credentials, you then have the option to make an appointment for a one to one consultation in order to discuss your individual situation more thoroughly. Any appointment made would be completely free and without obligation.

What our visitors say…

Just a quick note to say thanks for the information you have sent, it was informative and we intend to write our Will very shortly.

James Harris, Falkirk

We recently visited your site looking for information on Writing our parents Wills, thanks for the information Will Writing Scotland we found it very helpful.

Caroline Kirk , Aberdeen

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